WordPress Website Design

Therapy Webs is very pleased to announce that after a considerable period of learning all about WordPress Web Design we are now offering wordpress website design templates aimed specifically at therapists who want to be able to manage their own content but don’t want to have to design their own site from scratch.

Some of the key advantages of these new WordPress website designs is that they offer a full content management system, are very well designed visually, easily extendable – due to the vast array of top quality WordPress plugins that are available – and do not need to be managed by the original WordPress Web Designer.

Back in 2009, when Paul started to design websites for Hypnotherapists, his software of choice was Serif Webplus which is a static HTML web design system based on a desktop publishing platform.

Whilst it is relatively straightforward to design and build a beautiful looking website using this software, these static websites do have one major disadvantage – its almost impossible for anybody other than the original designer to make changes to the site.

Up until now this has meant that Paul has had to charge for his time for what might only be fairly minor changes to a site (for example a change in Fees or a new mobile number) and whilst this is nice to generate revenue, it doesn’t offer a particularly elegant or cost effective solution to the website owner!

WordPress Website Design Training

If you do decide to purchase one of our wordpress website designs and are not completely comfortable with how to use the admin panel (or any other WordPress functions) then you might want to consider our WordPress Training days held here at our offices in Wombourne, Wolverhampton.

During this training you will learn all of the most important information that you need in order to take over complete management of your new site.