Web Page Designs

Web Page Designs & Common Layouts.

Web Page Designs

In nearly all cases we build websites using one of 5 web page designs. Each web page generally consists of a number of common elements arranged in differing orders to present the page in the most appealing way. In many cases, web page designs owe much of their appeal to successful newspaper designs which allow the readers eyes to scan a number of options without having to read from left to right over the full width of the page.

Common Elements

Almost all web page designs that you are likely to encounter on the net comprise of four basic elements:

web page designs header

web page designs content

web page designs sidebar

web page designs footer

Five Common Page Designs

Full Page

web page designs simple

Left Sidebar

web page design left sidebar

Right Sidebar

web page design right sidebar

Double Sidebars

web page designs double sidebars

Left Vertical Menu

web page designs vertical menu