Web Mail 5

Web Mail Facilities are standard on ALL our websites.

Web Mail

Web Mail 5 is the very latest version of our e-mail facility.

web mail screenshot

Whether you’re in the office, catching a train or relaxing on the sofa, we understand you want seamless access to your emails.

Every website that we build comes with a web mail facility that allows you to pick-up, read and send e-mails from any device that is connected to the internet. You will also be able to send your e-mails using the e-mail address that comes bundled with your website domain.

So people receiving your e-mails will see a domain specific address like, for example, sarah@mindfultherapy.co.uk. E-mails with your website domain name are much more professional than sarah5644@gmail.com!

Web Mail Features

Our latest Web Mail 5 facility now has so many features that managing your E-mail has never been so easy and convenient, let’s go through some of the features.

  • You can log onto your mail facility via your tablet or smartphone and because web mail is fully responsive, it adapts it’s interface and the E-mail content to the dimensions of your device. Now you don’t have to configure your smartphone or tablet’s mail application to read your E-mails any more, they’re all right here in web mail.
  • E-mail folders are easily accessible from the inbox, so as quickly as you can click the folder you need, straight away you have access to all of the E-mails you’re looking for, web mail makes being organised so easy..
  • Your address book is simple to use, add new contacts, add a picture of them, even write notes about them to help you keep track of your interactions. When composing an E-mail all of your contacts are easily accessible to the left of your workspace, either click to add them as recipients or begin typing the contacts information and web mail interprets what you write and suggests contacts you might be looking for.
  • You can manage your appointments using the built-in calendar, as you receive E-mails detailing important meetings and events, you can add them to your calendar there and then, web mail can be set to remind you of your appointments ahead of time too.
  • The search bar to the top right of web mail allows you to find the message you wish to find, just by entering the subject line of the message, the name of the sender, key words which appear in the body of the message.
  • You can manage your preferences, set your account signature to appear in the footer of your E-mails, add a logo, set your spam and virus filters and much more.
  • Your mailbox storage is displayed to the bottom right of your workspace, this uses a storage usage graphic to show how much E-mail storage space you have used so far and how much you have free.
  • E-mails can easily be identified in your web mail inbox, new messages appear in bold, you can order the Emails by newest or oldest first, by sender or subject line in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order or by size, so E-mails with attachments can be displayed first or last.