Search Engine Submission

Your website indexed by all the major search engines

Search Engine Submission

Millions of people use the Internet every day to search for websites like yours.

By applying good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices, we can help improve the chances of your website being found.

Our HyperSubmit service will help you get started and make improvements to the performance of your website in various search engines.

The HyperSubmit search engine submission service will make sure your website is indexed in Google™, Yahoo and Bing, as well as a number of other search engines and online directories.

How Does it Work?

We submit your website URL to ALL of the major search engines and all of the most important ‘second tier’ engines which tend to be more locally based.

At the moment this is 400 distinct global and local search engines (see below).

What’s Included?

Major & Core Search Engine Submission

Our service submits to the major search engines and several hundred link pages. For a complete list of the sites to which we will submit your site, click here to view search engine listing data. Each month we’ll send you a detailed report via e-mail listing all the search engines, directories and links pages that your site was submitted to, so you can keep track of the submission process.

12 Monthly Re-submissions

You want to keep your web site registration current. Link Pages move older links to the bottom of the list, and resubmitting puts you back on top. Search engines have a tendency to drop or lose sites from time to time. Resubmitting monthly ensures your site won’t get lost. Some web sites offer “What’s New” sections. Each time you submit, your site gets added to these lists.

Monthly Email Reporting

You will receive an emailed report each month detailing the submission status of your website to the various search engines.

Second-Tier & Regional Search Engine Submission

To widen your audience and build inbound links, your website is submitted to a number of second-tier and regional search engines and online directories. The progress of these submissions will be detailed in your monthly status reports.

Guaranteed Indexing in Google™

HyperSubmit uses unique technology that guarantees your website’s listing in Google within 8 weeks. A Google listing cannot guarantee ranking positions for your web pages in search results however as this factor is down to how well optimised your pages along with many other factors. Being listed in Google’s index is a massive start in the right direction though!

12 Months Guaranteed Inclusion

Inclusion in Google is guaranteed for the current term of your HyperSubmit service.

Ranking Performance Reports

With all of our HyperSubmit packages, you will receive a monthly report detailing the status of your submission to the various search engines.


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