What’s the point in learning all about the right Search Engine Optimisation principles if you do not know how to create, manipulate and upload new files to your web server?

Whilst most people can readily understand the need for good keyword density, keyword positioning and prominence, the need for the correct meta tags to be in place (Title Tag, Description Tag, Keyword Tag) and so on, if you do not have a good working knowledge of your HTML software and then how to manipulate and upload these files to the resident server, then it’s all pretty useless really!

For the last few years Hypnotherapy Websites have been using the Serif Web Plus family of user friendly website creation software and have so far not found the programme to be lacking in any department.

Many of my Hypnotherapy colleagues have had websites built for them using Adobe Dreamweaver, a programme notoriously tricky to get to grips with, and soon they are going to have to manage their own sites, so they are going to have to (a) Learn all about SEO and (b) fork out around £600 for the software in order to then do anything to their websites.

I believe that this predicament is common:

Managing Websites is not just about SEO

By recognising this problem, we have developed what we call the “Total Website Management Package” that will allow any website owner to become skilled in:

Website Creation – Search Engine Optimisation – File manipulation

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