Static Web Design

Website design with fixed architecture.

Static Web Design

Although there is almost no demand for static web design any more, Therapy Webs are still able to produce these sites if, for any specific reason, you require one.

With the advent of smart-phones and tablets website designers had to develop a whole new genre of designs that were capable of re-sizing the pages in order to accommodate the different screen sizes on these devices.

However, despite these new fluid, or responsive websites, these are still many difficulties with getting the pages and images to all move and re-size proportionally and still present the page as originally designed.

Because of this, some website owners still prefer to have a fixed or static web design and to have a second set of pages that are specifically designed for smaller screens. These secondary pages are usually triggered by the website “detecting” that a smaller screen is being used, normally by a “re-direct” instruction.

When Might I Want A Static Web Design?

If your business has a very specific corporate layout that doesn’t look correct when viewed on a responsive website design then it might be better to have a static web design with a set of secondary (and perhaps tertiary) pages that are triggered by the device being used. These additional pages will carry the same content as the larger sized pages, but will be specifically designed for tablets and mobiles (In this case there would be three sets of pages, Desktop – Tablet and Mobile).

One disadvantage of the static web design projects that we produce is that they are not editable by the user as is the case with CMS platforms such as WordPress. In these cases any changes or modifications will need to be carried out by ourselves whenever you need them – obviously this work is chargeable at at standard hourly rate of £40.