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Driving web traffic with social media

Social Media

All of our website designs are social media ready and can be linked to your pages so that everything becomes connected.

One of the beauty’s of WordPress websites is that there is a simple plugin for almost every social media portal that exists, so no matter whether you “tweet”, “Blog” or post images on Instagram, your website will be able to show your media streams in real time.

Is It Important to be Social Media Ready?

Successful websites get lots of traffic, which in turn leads to more interest and ultimately more business.

Recently, Facebook became the most visited website in the World – bar none.

Don’t forget that Facebook is, in essence, just a website with a hell a lot of users, about 1.6 billion in fact.

This means that Facebook is incredibly influential and can pass very valuable traffic to your website via both your own business page as well as by other users adding page links to their Facebook streams.

If we add a Facebook button or a stream feeder to your website then both your Facebook followers as well as your website visitors can interact via these two connected platforms.

Hopefully you can see that social media ready or enabled website are absolutely crucial to any on-line strategy.


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