Kairos Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Premium Web Design Project

Paul Brown is a Business Coach and Hypnotherapist who runs his business near Darlington.

Paul’s background before Hypnotherapy & Coaching was working at a senior level in international recruitment, HR and project management. He has lived and worked in many countries with people from all walks of life, ethnicities and religions.

Paul already had an idea for a colour scheme based on his Vista Print business card.

Kairos Hypnotherapy and Coaching website Business Card

Therapy Webs was able to “flush” these colours into Paul’s new website and also strip out the card logo to use on the site header.

The Kairos Hypnotherapy & Coaching Website is built with a fully responsive theme, is one of our Premium Web Designs and utilises a full screen layout.

Website Data

Build Date: 2016

Software Platform: Divi

Responsive: Yes

Layout: Widescreen

Design Template: Premium

URL: www.kairoshypnotherapyandcoaching.co.uk

Currently Live: Yes