Mobile Web Design

Websites that can be viewed on mobile phones

Mobile Web Design

When people talk about Mobile Web design they are invariably talking about “Mobile Friendly Website Design”.

In other words websites that can be viewed on a mobile device, but may have been designed for primary viewing on a desktop computer.

mobile web design - multiple devices

If you are looking for a website that will be viewed exclusively on a mobile phone, then you might be talking about mobile web design in this case.

In fact, the majority of website designs overcome this old problem by using “responsive” themes (such as DIVI) which detect the device being used to view the site, and then fluidly re-arranging the page elements to fit the viewing screen.

Nine times out of ten this system works perfectly well, however, there are some cases where a responsive website might render a page un-readable or just simply ugly.

This may be unacceptable for some businesses where the page architecture is crucial, and in these cases what most often happens is that a website is built using a conventional “static” or fixed layout, and then several other duplicate pages are created in different sizes that are specifically designed for mobiles and tablets.

You can read more about this approach on our page all about Static Web Design.

As responsive website themes become more and more sophisticated, it is likely that mobile web design, in itself, will become obsolete.

Be assured, however, that your therapist website will be built with one of the best responsive themes available DIVI.


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