Live Sites for Sale

Pre-made, Pre-launched websites on high quality domain names.

Live Sites for Sale

Over the years we have purchased and built hundreds of websites for Hypnotherapists and Complementary therapists all over the globe. We have also purchased a number of high value domain names that we have either parked, or just left sitting in our server ‘archive’.

So we thought it might be a good idea to add live sites to some of these domains so that Google could index them, saving the traditional ‘sandbox’ time, but also so that potential clients can purchase some really top quality ready-made sites without having to wait.

As our principal design expertise is within the field of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, we decided to go live with those.

Sorry – no live sites for sale at the moment.

Each of these domains has been fully loaded with our ‘Ultimate Hypnotherapy Website Design’ containing 70 pages of highly optimised content specifically designed to drive traffic to their owners.

Both sites are available to buy at just £599 – this price includes us ‘flushing’ your deatils into the site.

For more information about this particular design please visit Ultimate Hypnotherapy Website Design.

Standard Website Features

These standard features come with all of our designs.

Web Mail 5

All website designs include your own 'domain specific' web mail portal for receiving & sending e-mails.

Social Media

All designs can be conected to your social media streams including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Web Stats

Full access to website statistics, performance metrics and DNS settings via your own control panel.


Content Management

Built with DIVI so that you can add, edit and change anything you want to if you feel confident enough.


Built-in Blog

Every site has its own Blog page for you to create posts and articles to improve web traffic & engagement.


All page content fully optimised for your services and location. Yoast SEO plugin included with every site.

Purchase one of our live websites

We prefer PayPal due to the high level of Customer security, but we will also accept direct transfers to our account (BACS) for outright purchases – If this is a preferred method for you, then please e-mail us with your request.

All of our live sites for sale cost £599.00

If you have any questions about our live websites then please get in touch on

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