Is Good Grammar Essential?

A lot of our clients send requests to change some of the structure of their website content often pointing out that some words have capital letters when they really ought to have small case letters, and various other “grammatically correct” requests, however, it is really very important to note that search engines are not the same as proof readers.

The search engine algorithms are “looking out” for particular KEYWORDS within any given page content. When these KEYWORDS are Capitalised, emboldened or given Prominence using often grammatically incorrect techniques, then the search engines find them much easier to locate and can better calculate the relevance of the page.

This does not mean that we can simply use these “techniques” to create a page that ranks  well regardless of its readability as Google & Bing (et al) are also looking for pages that are  USEFUL to the human being who is reading it!

Here at Therapy Webs we are always treading the “fine line” between these factors when creating content.

If you’d like to learn how to apply these techniques to your own website, then we do offer SEO training sessions for clients on a one-to-one basis.