The Webconfs Free Pagerank Tool

How well “ranked” is YOUR website?

Most people want to know their website ranking as the higher the rank, the more traffic you can expect. In this posting, we are specifically discussing the Google “pagerank” mainly due to the fcat that the Google search engine is number 1 worldwide and so having a decent pagerank with them is of the utmost importance.

Well now you can easily find out by using this FREE pagerank tool from those friendly people at “Web Confs”. Just visit this page: and pop in your website address and you will then see the PR (Page Rank) for each of the Links that points to those pages.

So why is Page Rank important?

Well, as far as Google is concerned, the higher your PR the more search results you will appear in that are related to your website. Let me explain, if I enter ” Hypnotherapy in Wolverhampton” into the Google Search Engine, then I will be presented with lots of results from websites that contain these “keywords”. If Google finds two sites that are equally well “optimised” for the same keywords, then the page with the higher PR will be presented higher up the page of results. I say “page” because it is not your WEBSITE that is allocated a Page Rank, but each individual page – so its quite possible to have one of your pages with a PR of 1 or 2, but your main HOME page could have a PR of 0.

How can I improve my Page Rank?

Well, PR takes many factors into account, such as the length of time that your site has been “indexed”, How many meaningful links you have “pointing” to your site from other websites (and what the PR is on those pages that “point” to yours as well), how well optimised your page is, and so on. Probably the most important factor is the number and quality of incoming links you have.

What’s the Significance in the PR values?

Nobody (but the team at Google) really knows the exact meaning of the PR values, but it is generally felt that the scale is “exponential” – in other words a PR of 2 is 10 times higher than a PR of 1. But don’t lose heart if your PR is 0 – your site could still be more highly “ranked” than another site at 0 because of this factor of 10 ( PR zero probably has the range of 0.00 through to 0.99 before it changes to PR 1)

Can Therapy Webs Help My Site To get a better PR?

NOBODY, can guarantee you a PR, only Google can do that, however, what we can do is to help you to optimise your website with our Optimisation Services and also link your site to our other related websites providing you with valuable & meaningful in-coming links.