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Blog Page

The word “Blog” is a shortened version of the word “Weblog” which is basically an article that is written, perhaps with pictures or videos, which is then posted onto the internet for people to read.

What is especially useful for people writing and adding a blog to their websites, as opposed to writing a blog on a “blog site”, is that the search engines “love” to see new content added to a site as this indicates that the website is being frequently “updated” in order to keep it relevant.

In fact, when you add an article to a site built with WordPress, search engines regard the article as a new “page” because the website has been built with a “blogging” platform.

For most website owners, the idea of writing an article about their particular speciality (say Beauty Therapy, Aromatherapy or Homeopathy for example) appears to be a lot easier than creating a whole new page with the same structure and layout as the other pages on their site, but all of our WordPress websites actually format these blogs in the same way as the site architecture without the author really needing to do anything other than write.

Furthermore, if you can create a document in “Word” then you can definitely write a weblog as the main WordPress editor behaves just like a normal word-processor!

In fact, this page itself fits perfectly with what I have just said above. I’ve written this page to help people understand just what a blog actually is, so hopefully you have found this information useful.

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