Counselling Website Templates

21 Counselling Website Templates to Choose From.

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Counselling Website Templates

If you’re a Counsellor and need a counselling website template for your business then you’ll be glad to hear that we can help!

You can view a range of beautiful Website Templates that are ready to be adapted for your business on this page.


If you want a website building for you please visit our website designs page instead.

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All of our Counselling Website Templates are built using the worlds most popular content management system (CMS) software from WordPress combined with the Divi engine software. This means that not only will you be able to manage your own website content if you so desire, but being built using WordPress also means that your site is fully “responsive” and can be viewed using any of today’s mobile devices.

This is a vitally important factor for websites in the current climate as it has been estimated that over 80% of website traffic now originates on mobile phones and tablets.

Therapy Webs have been producing beautiful and effective websites for counsellors & therapists since 2009 and have an excellent reputation for build quality and service.

Counselling Website Templates

All of these template can be viewed by clicking on the button below each layout which takes you off this site and onto our template design site.

Purchase Options

Different payment options for Counselling Website Templates

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Purchase + Loading


Purchase + Hosting

£149 + £8.99 per month

Purchase Only

If you opt to purchase only we will send you the complete template files, including the current images.

All templates are built with the Divi Theme which you will need to purchase for yourself.

You are responsible for loading the template onto your own hosting platform which you have installed with WordPress.

You are also responsible for changing your own content.

Purchase + Loading
If you opt for purchase and loading we will load the template design onto your own hosting account which you need to have pre-loaded with WordPress.

We will also load the current version of Divi for you at no extra charge.

You will be responsible for changing the content yourself.

Purchase + Hosting
If you opt for purchase and hosting we will create a hosting account for you, purchase a domain name for you (subject to availability though our partners Namesco) and load the template and Divi software onto your new account.

You will need to purchase our website hosting services as well as the £149 for the loaded template.

Hosting costs £8.99 per month and includes all background file maintenance and updates as well as covering the renewal costs of your new domain name each year.

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Select the level of ‘support’ that you require for your template purchase from the three options above.

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