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Our Hypno Band Websites are offered to all properly licensed and approved practitioners of the original Hypno Band Weight Loss System created by John Maclean.

These websites are produced under a direct agreement between Therapy Webs and John Maclean so you can be assured that they are 100% official.


Hypno Band Websites are available to purchase outright at £299 or also available on an instalment plan: £80 first payment plus 5 X £50 (Total paid £330)

Visit our web design prices page here.

Orginally produced as static HTML5 websites in 2011, they have been completely re-designed and are now built with WordPress using a premium theme.

This means that not only are these Hypno Band sites fully responsive to mobile and tablets, but that they can be updated and added-to by the owner using the Content Management Admin Panel!

John Macleans Hypno-Band Site

Website Content

We build the Hypno Band Websites with a standard set 10 of pages containing standard text taken from the Hypno Band Guidelines, however, once your site is live you will be able to make as many changes to the content as you wish in order to personalise your website.

Your site will contain the following pages:

  1. Home
  2. About “me” page – a short BIO all about you
  3. Weight Loss Sessions – what happens during the process
  4. Fees – your charges (and a PayPal payment button if you have an account)
  5. FAQ’s – Common questions about Hypno-Band
  6. Location page – Details of your clinic with Google mapping
  7. Contact page – including a web contact form
  8. Testimonials page – for videos and written testimonials
  9. A Blog for your own articles
  10. Links to other weight loss sites

If you wish to customise your site even further, we offer a comprehensive range of additional Design Services as well.

You can view the live demo site by clicking on the image below.

hypno band website for practitioners

View Live Demo


All of the following features are included in our Hypno-Band Websites.

website design blog image
Mobile Ready
Web Mail
Social Media
Image SEO

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Instalment Plan

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£80 initial payment followed by 5 X £50 Total paid £330

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